Q)  What is the cost of an eye exam?  What is included?

A) A comprehensive exam of eye care and visual systems can be as little as $60 and as high as $120.  Advanced Vision Care Doctors are available to perform a general health check and refraction to determine the prescription of your eyeglasses.  For contact lens wearers, related fees are generally not covered by insurance and prices depend on the complexity of your prescription.  

Q)  How do I schedule an exam?  Do you accept walk-ins?  Can I get on a waiting or cancellation list?

A) We can generally have you seen in a day or two, however, we request approximately two weeks notice for your annual appointment.  The doctor’s schedule can become full for two to three weeks in advance.  In the case that we experience a patient’s cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, we would be more than happy to place you on our “call list”.  The “call list” is first-come-first-served opportunity for an examination on a day which is already fully booked.  Patients on this list will be notified when we experience a cancellation.  For those who have already scheduled an exam, it is important that we receive confirmation within 24 hours of your appointment, as this will allow us to generate a schedule that works for all.  We value your time and hope for the same courtesy from our patients: those who do not show for their appointment after confirming will forfeit their ability to reschedule at our location.

Q)  How often should I have my eyes tested?

A) Most prescriptions are valid for one year.  Since the eye holds many clues to one’s overall health and many eye diseases are preventable, about one per year makes good sense!

Q)  Where should I go for emergency care?

A) There are many different emergencies and urgencies that people experience.  Our doctors are very responsive to sight threatening emergencies which can be seen at The Brown Center.  If you think you have an eye emergency please contact:  The Brown Center on 400 Warren Ave. in East Providence, RI. (401) 438-4447 (doctors can also be paged after hours).  If you need an eyewear repair, lost contacts or have another urgency we will do our best to accommodate you at Providence Optical or The Brown Center.

Q)  What is considered emergency care?

A) If you are experiencing pain, redness, flashes, floaters, vision loss or the symptoms of an infection it is extremely important to address the issue promptly.  Please give us a call at (401) 351-4994 or The Brown Center at (401) 438-4447 and we will coordinate emergency care for you.

Q) What types of insurance do you accept and what do they cover?

A) Generally we accept some major medical plans (such as Blue Cross  Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim, Medicare, VSP), but is the patient’s responsibility to check eligibility and to determine coverage prior to visiting.   Most major health plans will cover a routine eye exam every year but do not cover any contact lens annual checks or fittings.

You might be eligible for reimbursement if we are out of network for your insurance.

Q)  How much does a contact lens exam cost?

A)  A contact lens exam is an additional fee to the comprehensive eye examination.  Our doctors will check your corneal health and address any complications as a result of over-wearing contacts.  The cost is dependent upon time involved and complexity of one’s prescription and ranges from $45 to $155.   Please contact us with any individual questions you may have in relation to contact lens wear and fitting and we’ll be glad to assist you with individual pricing.

Q)  How long does the eye exam take?

A) We value your time and hope to deliver a thorough and efficient exam within a reasonable timeframe.  On average it takes approximately 20-30 minutes for an annual exam.  Contact lens exams may add some time depending on the complexity of the fitting.  For additional testing you will be advised during the exam and any necessary testing will be scheduled at your convenience. Depending upon each unique patient, we may or may not dilate your eyes as part of your comprehensive exam, if you are unprepared for a dilation we may schedule a follow up appointment.

Q)  Can you take the prescription from my current glasses and make me a new pair?

A) Unfortunately, we cannot.  We need a written prescription from your doctor that is valid and not expired.  Feel free to have your doctor fax it to us at (401) 490-9555, or we can schedule an exam for you at our location.

Q)  Can I use my eyeglass prescription for contact lenses?

A) Unfortunately, no.  While in a few cases the fit may be the same, there are many factors unique to contact lenses that need to be considered in order to find the best fit for you.  The contact lens prescription is a different test given by your optometrist or ophthalmologist.  We will need this written prescription prior to you ordering contacts.

Q)  What about parking?

A) We can validate your ticket from the parking lot next to Gourmet Haven.  Entry is made from Weybosset St, (between Clemence St. and Union St. on the left hand side).  You can also find metered parking in most of downtown ($0.25=12mins) if the lot is full.  Stay up to date with parking information at www.parkdowntownprovidence.com

Q) Can I make payment with my flexible spending account?

A) Sure.  We can process your flexible spending card as long as it is through a major card carrier (AMEX, Discover, Mastercard, Visa). 

Q)  Can I return my glasses?

A) We realize that there are hundreds of frames to choose from in the world of eyewear.  We can certainly help to refine your search and make recommendations on fit, style, shape and color based on your lifestyle and preferences.  It is very important that you invest the proper time and energy into being fully committed to your choice of frames at the time of purchase.  We cannot return previously worn frames back to the shelf after you’ve purchased them with your prescription.  If you’ve purchase a frame only and no lenses we will apply an in-store credit to another frame of your choice within 30 days of purchase.  We highly recommend you take some photos and show your friends and loved ones to make a fully informed decision.  For lenses, we offer a 30-day free of charge lens remake for a prescription change.  We also offer store credit if you can’t adapt to a particular progressive lens design within 30 days of purchase.

Q)  Do you repair glasses?

A) We do simple in-house repairs and adjustments.  We can also send more complicated repairs to one of our specialty labs, which takes approximately one week.

Q)  Do you carry vintage frames?

A) Yes, we have a few hundred vintage frames to choose from. From the 1800s through the 1990s, we have a large collection of hard to find eyeglasses from around the world.  Feel free to stop on by and take a peek.

Q) How much are your glasses?

 A) Great question-the price of your glasses depends both on the frame you choose and the cost of the lenses.  The price of our frames start at $65 and the cost depends on your prescription and specific lens type that fits your lifestyle.  For people who just need lenses and are looking for the least expensive option, we carry single vision lenses that begin in the $100 range. Performance and comfort go into the cost as well as style and function.  For those people who are interested in eyewear that is on the cutting edge of fashion and technology, investing $300 or more is a sound investment.  No matter what your price point, we will gladly help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Feel free to contact us directly with any other questions you may have at (401) 351-4994.

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