Beautiful Ladies of Caroline

Faces of Siberian models in new marketing campaign of Caroline Abram eyewear brand

Faces of Siberian models in the new marketing campaign of Caroline Abram’s eyewear brand

Caroline Abram is a French eyewear designer and founder of the brand “Caroline Abram”. Abram has five international Silmo d’Or awards — 2006, 2008, 2014, 2015 and a nomination in 2017 .

For the past two years, the renowned designer has come to niveous Novosibirsk, a large city in the heart of Siberia (Russia) to photo shoot her new eyewear collection. Caroline explains that she admires the inner strength, subtle beauty and delicacy of Russian women. In two days of shooting, 2,543 photo frames were taken and the models changed their clothes 24 times.

Caroline Abram, photo shoot in Russia for her new campaign

Abram herself directed the models and the photo shoot in general

“Exaggerate, play and provoke”

“Girls! It’s your time to realize the Wonder Woman inside of you.”

We were privileged to chat with Caroline Abram at the Moscow International Optical Fair (MIOF) in February, 2019

Here is a story Caroline told:

“You go to work or to a restaurant. You wear a beautiful coat, shoes  and you have a beautiful handbag. Yet, you sit down at your work desk or at a restaurant table. You put your coat and a purse away and no-one sees your feet :(. What’s left? Your glasses. They tell everything about you. Who you are, what mood you have, what attitude. That’s why, I think, a desire to get new glasses should come first. I want to convince all women that they look amazing in glasses. For me, eyewear is makeup. We play with makeup to change our looks by changing lipstick, blush and eyeshadow colors. With makeup, we convey our mood; sometimes matching clothes, sometimes contrasting, blending or accenting…A woman should wear eyewear according to her mood. 

I also believe that eyewear should empower women, although I don’t consider myself  a feminist, I believe in women’s strength and confidence and eyewear is just the right tool to show that. ”

Caroline Abram and Onega Astaltsova in Moscow, February, 2019

Caroline_Abram_photo shoot SiberiaCaroline_Abram_Novosibirsk photo shoot


Caroline Abram collection will be available at Providence Optical in May 2019.