New Release of an Old Classic — Tang by Victory Optical

Victory Optical has just released a new color for its “Tang” eyeglass frame, a remake of the company’s 1953 classic– a cateye with flirty upswept lines.  The fabulous new bright red adds even more pizzazz to the previous color options, which include classic black with a crystal backing that adds shimmer, black with a tortoise underside, vintage tortoise and a bold translucent pale rose.

If your mother, father, grandparents, siblings or you wore glasses in the 1950s and 1960s, chances are you’ve seen frames designed and manufactured by Victory Optical.  From classic horn rims in a wide range of styles to cateye frames with unique color combinations, family-run Victory Optical captured the hearts of Americans, including idols of the era, such as Buddy Holly, Connie Francis and Dean Martin.

It all started in 1941 when Italian immigrant Vincent J. Salierno, who had learned about plastics when he worked at DuPont and then worked as an artisan handcrafting optical frames, decided to strike out on his own and founded Victory Optical in Newark New Jersey.  He brought his two sons-in-law into the business, and together they expanded the company into a nationwide enterprise. Victory Optical was one of the first eyeglass manufacturers to partner with clothing designers in creating high fashion eyewear.

The company ceased production some years after Salierno’s death, but his grandson, William Marfuggi decided to resurrect the company when he noticed the retro look making a big return.  In his work for other companies, Marfuggi found himself using family documentation and catalogue images from Victory Optical and realized it was time to bring those classic designs back into production.

The Victory Heritage collection uses original designs and specifications from the 1940-70s.  The Victory Inspired collection takes the classic designs and gives them a modern twist, usually making them a little larger and offering a new array of colors.  Suntimers is the company’s vintage-inspired sunglass line.


Christina Marfuggi wearing Victory Optical’s “Vicki” eyeglass frame

And there is a Rhode Island connection to the company:  Marfuggi’s daughter, Christina, who helps with design consultation, lives in Newport, Rhode Island.

Through a stroke of luck, we were able to find a rare supply of never-worn, original vintage Victory Optical eyeglass frames.  We also carry both the Victory Heritage and Victory Inspired collections.  Come in, try them on and be transported back to a grand old era.

Original vintage Tang frame — yes, it’s for sale.