Where Did I Put My Readers???

See Home Readers — Only the French could come up with such an artistic answer the problem of wandering readers.


Finally! A way to glance at recipes without having to take your glasses on and off.

Tired of hunting for your readers all over the house?  Leave it to the French to come up with a solution that is both artistic and practical.  See Concept’s “See Home” readers look like a pair of opera glasses mounted on a stand, which adds a whimsical touch to any room of your house.  Yet they’re practical — always at the ready and you can’t lose them because they are attached to the stand via a stainless steel chain.  Because you can change the distance between the lenses and your eyes, depending on how you hold them, the +2.50 strength works for almost everyone.  And you won’t need to get stronger ones every year as your eyes need additional help on your journey through time.

Fall asleep without risk of bending your glasses frame.

See Home readers come in a variety of vibrant colors, muted tones and metallics to match any room décor.  You can use them to read in bed at night and you don’t have to worry about breaking the hinges or bending the frame out of shape if you fall asleep and roll over on them.  Place them around the house in areas where you need a quick look at small print, like in the kitchen for following a recipe or near your desk for looking through your mail.  Put an extra pair in your office and you’ll have both a conversation piece and a pair of readers that never gets lost under your paper or left behind in the conference room.

Give your office mates something to really talk about!

Come look at our colorful See Home collection – just $45 each.

I Will Change the World Because I Can

Natasha Morgan’s “Julius Orange” fashion glasses make a bold statement with vibrant color and a winged Victory insert.

Natasha Morgan, a self-taught high-fashion designer and entrepreneur, is addicted to glasses. By the ripe old age of 13, she had collected a hundred pairs of vintage eyeglasses of extreme design, spanning several decades.  She wore them to school with blank lenses, provoking the wrath of her teachers, and she has never been seen without glasses since.

But it didn’t end there.  Natasha started designing clothes as a teenager and, by age 19, had founded her first company and furthered her education at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology.  Although she has 20/20 vision, she always wore glasses as a fashion statement.  Not satisfied with other designers’ style, she upped the fashion ante by decorating her eyewear with fur, lace, wood, metal and crystals.  She finally created her own unique line of eyewear, “Natasha Morgan…Framed” in 2010.  Inspired by ancient mythological and historical royal figures from around the world, her aesthetic favors vibrant colors, combined with a sculptural futurism, for an audacious and seductive look. Her eyewear is exquisitely hand crafted using the highest quality materials, including fabric, leather and fur.

The Aramis White model has a sleek, unisex appeal.

The line was an instant success and quickly began to appear on the visages of celebrities at special events and on runway models.  Natasha even makes individualized eyewear for those who want a one-of-a-kind fashion statement.

We’re proud to offer Natasha’s creations for sale.  Come try them on and feel the connection to the extraordinary.  As Natasha says, “I will change the world because I can and if I can so can you.  I belong to you.”


Natasha Morgan’s creations convey a message of opulence and luxury.