Instant Geek Chic — Flirty, Fun, Inexpensive and Organic!


Pappebrille offers a wide selection of solid colors that make a bold statement.

Leave it to the Germans to take Geek Chic to the next level.  Designer Cantemir Gheorgiu has created the ultimate party eyewear.  His Pappbrille line is stamped from cardboard in with crazy, fun colors and designs.  Some are further ornamented with unique materials, such as wallpaper or tapestry — all of it completely organic.


One of Pappbrille's many flirty design prints

These glasses, which come sans lenses, are the perfect answer for those who don’t need glasses, but wish they did, or for those who mostly wear contacts, but want a fun eyewear accessory for certain occasions.  The amazing price — just $15 for solid colors and $18 for prints — means you can afford a whole drawerful for different outfits, moods and occasions.  And yes, of course, we have them in stock at Providence Optical.


Let the summer fun begin!



Linda Farrow Projects Sunwear Has Arrived!


Helmet style sunglasses from the Linda Farrow Projects collection provide full coverage and an edgy style statement.


Originally a clothing designer, Linda Farrow was one of the first to treat sunglasses as an important element of a fashion ensemble.  She launched her eyewear collection in 1970 and the line quickly became a must-have among stylish Londoners and the international jet set.  Shapes that she pioneered, such as the wrap-around worn by Yoko Ono in the 1970s, remain in style and in high demand today. 

 After 40 years of cutting-edge design as a soloist, Linda Farrow has moved to a new level through collaboration with leading fashion designers, including Dries Van Noten, Oscar de la Renta, Alexander Wang, The Row, Jeremy Scott, Agent Provocateur, Kris Van Assche, Boris Bidjan Saberi and Matthew Williamson.  While others have collaborated with one designer at a time, Linda Farrows’ approach to multiple, simultaneous collaborations has given birth to a collection of breathtaking diversity and creativity, ranging from elegantly feminine to edgy unisex and manly styles.  Dubbed the Linda Farrows Project, or LFP line, this collection incorporates one sunglass style designed by each collaborator.

Providence Optical is pleased to announce the new arrival of a complete line of sunglass eyewear from the Linda Farrows Projects, including all of the designs you see in this posting.  We particularly like this fun Alexander Wang frame with zipper-inspired edging, which can hold a prescription lens. 


These fun Alexander Wang sunglasses can accomodate prescription lenses.


Watch our Facebook page for a full album of the styles that we have on hand. 


Linda Farrow sunglasses based on a Todd Lynn design