Instant Geek Chic — Flirty, Fun, Inexpensive and Organic!


Pappebrille offers a wide selection of solid colors that make a bold statement.

Leave it to the Germans to take Geek Chic to the next level.  Designer Cantemir Gheorgiu has created the ultimate party eyewear.  His Pappbrille line is stamped from cardboard in with crazy, fun colors and designs.  Some are further ornamented with unique materials, such as wallpaper or tapestry — all of it completely organic.


One of Pappbrille's many flirty design prints

These glasses, which come sans lenses, are the perfect answer for those who don’t need glasses, but wish they did, or for those who mostly wear contacts, but want a fun eyewear accessory for certain occasions.  The amazing price — just $15 for solid colors and $18 for prints — means you can afford a whole drawerful for different outfits, moods and occasions.  And yes, of course, we have them in stock at Providence Optical.


Let the summer fun begin!