How to choose Eyewear for 2014?

When people look at your face, the focal point – the first thing they see – is your eyewear.  It literally projects your image outward.  Don’t play it safe by hiding behind conservative (a polite word for “boring”) glasses.  Look for frames that make you smile when you open the case or pick them up from the dresser in the morning.  If you find eyewear that really expresses your inner self, you will exude an air of confidence and you’ll make those around you smile too.

Here are some style tips to help you make the right choice (or choices!)

What Works for Hue?

Don’t be afraid of color.  Both metal and plastic eyeglass frames come in a wide array of hues.  The key is to pick a color as an accent, not as something to blend with your wardrobe.  Matchy-matchy is a big no-no for 2014.  (Think 1980s bright red lipstick with bright red blouse — gack!) Accent colors are more interesting and can work with a whole wardrobe palette.


Get in Shape!

Like color, the shape of your eyeglass frame has to work with your face.  In general, you will look best in a frame that is the opposite shape as your face.  For example, if your face is very round, square or rectangular frames will provide geometric balance.  Similarly, if your face is very long and rectangular, don’t accentuate the length with glasses that have a huge up and down dimension.  Look for rectangular frames – ones that are wider than they are tall – to break up the long line of your face.  Or, soften the sharp angles of your jawline with frames that have rounded contours.


Color of the Year – We Have It



Pantone – the ultimate authority on color trends and matches for everything from printing ink to watches – has announced its Color of the Year for 2014:  Radiant Orchid.  It’s a sophisticated blend of fuchsia, purple and pink that changes hues depending on its surroundings.  Infused with the magical quality associated with purple, this color blend color sparks with energy and evokes a feeling of joy and well-being.

If you’re wondering how it looks in eyewear, feast your eyes on some samples from our collection:


2014 offers variety of interpretation on classic shapes like cat, Panto and rectangular. Skinny frames, made of light weight materials are so in