Kent Stetson Rocks the Runway at StyleWeek NorthEast

BIG NAZO’s wide-eyed robot shows off a large-eyed handbag by designed Kent Stetson.

BIG NAZO’s skeleton daintily carries a demure black bag by Stetson.

Tuesday night, Providence-based handbag designer Kent Stetson surprised and delighted the audience at StyleWeek NorthEast by showing off his new collection with the help of “models” from Providence’s own BIG NAZO Band.  The hilarious larger-than-life cartoon characters paraded down the runway swinging and flaunting Stetson’s newest handbag collection.  What handbag would a skeleton carry?  Why a shiny black one with an x-ray-like print, of course.  And for a bug-eyed robot?  Nothing but a sassy orange-and-black number with a big imprinted eye would do.

Kent Stetson takes the stage sporting specs from Providence Optical.

And what did Mr. Kent Stetson himself wear for his appearance?  Eyeglasses handcrafted for him by Providence Optical, of course.  These one-of-a-kind specs have asymmetric lenses that make one of his eyes appear larger, echoing the theme of the big-eyed robot with the giant one-eyed purse.

Styleweek Northeast continues through Saturday, February 2 at the Providence Biltmore.  Don’t miss it!


Stetson shows off his handcrafted “wide eye” specs with their creator — Providence Optical’s Onega, wearing her own handmade glasses that juxtapose earthy brown and electric blue hues.