Get Historical Eyewear for the 150th National Civil War Battle on July 4th, 2013

Over four days from July 4 to July 7, Reenactment will take place in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Soldier and civilian re-enactors will re-create an event the 1860s through battles encampments and demonstrations. Visitors can get an up-close look at cavalry, artillery and the lives that soldiers led during the Civil War. Re-enactment organizers are expecting 15,000 re-enactors, thousands more civilian interpreters, 400 horses and 100 cannons.

The basic eyewear styles from 1835 to 1870 did not change significantly.

Three lens shapes made up the overwhelming preponderance of spectacle frames during this period:

  1. Oval shaped spectacles.
  2. Oblong shaped spectacles.
  3. Octagon shaped spectacles

Common Spectacle Temples on American-made Spectacle Frames 1830 – 1870 are Sliding temples. It allowed to extend them for dual use: from short for use under wigs to longer for use at the ears.

Replica of historic eyewear is available at PO in 3 mentioned above shapes in plating color variation. 

Frames are on sale till July 4th, 2013 $127.