Ready for Halloween??

Looking for a little extra something to jazz up your Halloween costume?  Or maybe inspiration to get you started?  Or, if you’re stuck in a stodgy office where you can’t dress up,  you’d probably like to make some kind of Halloween statement, yet one that’s easily removed when you have to go into a serious meeting.  We have the perfect answer to all of these dilemmas:  one of the knitted eyeglass frames we just received from optician Oksana Sokolova of InSight Eye Optique in Virginia.

Here’s a perfect Halloween statement

Perfect for Halloween complete with spider webbing. And yes, you can see through them.

Or, if you want the Groucho Marks look, try this one

The Groucho look with no effort

If you’re trying for that sweet and innocent look, this will do nicely.

This is just a sampling.  Come on in and see the whole line. They’re all for sale and just in time for the big day!